Contoured Dish with matching gauge

Contoured Dish with matching gauge
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Product Description

Simply the best contour dish/disk value in the industry!!

We properly machine our .77 inch MDF “Pro Preferred”© dishes in a concentric circle pattern at .002” resolution. There is no way the traditional/hobby method of balance beam cutting with a router can come close to matching CNC tolerances. Consequently, with our dishes, 15’ radius braces will match the 15’ radius dish!! Similar dishes without the contour gauge, from the Ohio based supplier and others are over $90 some are only 5/8 inch thick. Also note that the “Pro Preferred”© is machined to a full 23-1/2 inch diameter.

The dish is left in the square shape to allow the user more options relative to fastening and stabilizing the dish in a go-bar clamp etc. Do not get ripped off -- all dishes --- no matter what they are made from will have a tendency to warp, plywood being the worst, there is no magic special material. Routing a fancy pattern on the back of a dish can leave areas that are paper thin and only serves to diminish durablity and quality. We recommend screwing the dish to an additional piece of MDF. The machining operation leaves the surface with a velvet like texture. We also recommend a few coats of a solvent based finish.

Also included in this package is a matching 22” concave/convex contour template.

We have many contour choices the most popular are the 15' for the back and 28' for the sound-board. Martin uses 52' for the top and 15' for the back. The top of the line R Taylor is 65'