Supplying the Professional and Amateur guitar crafting community with tools, fixtures, accessories and high quality acoustic guitar kits. We are recognized worldwide for our complete line of guitar molds. It is our goal to provide high quality assembly fixtures that suit the various guitar construction methodologies. For the "first time" guitar builder we offer the KMG "Success Kits" -- In addition to all the premium quality guitar components, this package includes the proprietary guitar construction tools and fixtures not offered in kits purchased elsewhere. Our comprehensive product line includes the most advanced molds, tools and fixtures for the scratch or kit builder. Individuals building or planning to build a boxed guitar kit from our competitors, will find many user friendly products designed to speed the assembly process and improve the overall quality of the project. All our tools and fixtures as well as the vast majority of our products are machined in our shop using Computer Numerically Controlled equipment. The modern CNC process and its inherent precision is a major enhancement to the ancient art of Luthiery.